About TGS Enterprise

We love design, period.


TGS Enterprise was established in 2009 and has been completely in love with the web world since then.

We have grown our client base throughout the years, ranging from retail all the way to non-profit organizations.


Our main drive is to design and develop web solutions. We stay away from hourly rates and focus on delivering a package that solves problems.

We want to make sure our services fit your needs.

Our Process

Everything starts with a user story. Great part of any web/web-app design is data gathering.

We focus on user experience, micro interactions and what are the goals of any application/web. We make sure every platform we build is cross-browser compatible and follows the latest standards and semantics.

Educating while building

Education is the key to everything, the more we know the better we become.

We make sure that the client becomes knowledgeable about the web, what programming languages we are using, what they do, which platform is being developed on, analytics, SEO rules and techniques, etc.